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A portable standing  desk for the free-spirited entrepreneur
who wants to work ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.


If you wanted to be chained to one location all day you would have stayed at your corporate gig.


Screw that, you broke those sh*tty cuffs so you could have FREEDOM.
YOU wanted to take your work on the road whenever you damn well felt like it.

In your wildest dreams…

That’s a fierce dream, and YOU DESERVE IT.

EXCEPT, balancing your computer on your lap while balancing books, designing products, and holding Skype meetings SUCKS. HARD.

You want to work anytime, anywhere, but you need a desk that can come along for the ride. Something COMPACT, FLEXIBLE, LIGHTWEIGHT, PORTABLE. MAYBE even something that fits in your backpack?

Well, guess what? You’re a Rebel without a desk, and WE are the Bizness Rebels with a desk that will give you THE FREEDOM you’re looking for.

The business rebel’s portable standing desk that lets you run the show from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD! Be location free with this backpack-sized standing desk made from Baltic Birch made in Canada, so you can run your biz while enjoying your freedom – LIKE A REBEL.


As seen on:

Yeah, this is like the James Dean of desks. COOL, SLEEK, UNASSUMING, BADASS. The perfect standing desk for any renegade ENTREPRENEUR.


With the Renegade Desk you’ll:

* Be ready to take a meeting anytime, anywhere, because your 16 x 11” (40 x 28 cm) standing desk fits right in your backpack. Just bust it out and GO!

* Never miss a beautiful sunshine-filled day, because you can go from home office to park office in 30-seconds flat. Just fold it up and set it up anywhere: at a picnic, at a bonfire, at a coffee shop, at a rave (okay, you’re probably too exhausted to party)! 😉

* Give your back a much-needed break from being hunched over “running the numbers” and figuring out your business model, because you have a standing desk in your back-pocket that gives you RELIEF.

* Put your work away when it’s time to enjoy your limitless life, because the Renegade Standing Desk is easily packed up and stored so you can enjoy your free time!

The Renegade Standing Desk is the desk for ENTREPRENEURS who want to GET SH*T DONE both round the clock AND on their own time. You-know-what-I-mean?


“OMG I Love it!! I just used if for webinar yesterday, and use it every day for podcast interviews to have my mic stand on it. And I also  use it to eat my cereal on hahaha. It is honestly the best purchase I’ve made this year. It is so freaking brilliant. ”
Kamila Gornia,, San Diego, USA

“Love it! I think it matches my dining room table perfectly!
You probably planned this – but the mid height is perfect for sitting – and the taller height is perfect for standing! Great design – perfect that you have more than one tier of products, too! One size does not fit all!”
Richard Naut, Ottawa, Canada

“I’ve been looking for a good portable standing desk for years before I finally came across the Renegade Desk. This thing is magic. I’ve been using it all around my condo – stand up meetings by the balcony, morning writing sessions in the bedroom, webinar watching during cooking sessions in the kitchen, and currently serving as my side-desk in the “office” so I can set up my second monitor. Can’t wait for warmer weather so I can start bringing this baby outdoors on my adventures :)”
Serge Popovic, Toronto, Canada

“Everything with the shipment was great. Delivery day was like Christmas. We’ve put them together and have been using them quite a bit. So far I’ve set mine up in the warm sun streaming through one of the office windows to read a binder of material I would have never gotten through sitting at my regular desk. One of my co-workers has been using it every afternoon to break free from sitting and it’s helped her back pain tremendously. Once it warms up a bit, I anticipate we’ll be taking our work outside. ”
Michelle Dindo,Randolph, USA


* BALTIC BIRCH (Made in Canada!Oh, Canada) comes in a STAINED BLACK color (check the limited editions!)

* BAMBOO (Limited Edition!) CLEAR NATURAL color (as natural as it can get)

* RECLAIMED WOOD (Made from hundreds-year-old wood sourced and handmade in Poland, Europe!) This one is an ultimate kick-ass. It’s going to blow you away. Comes in DARK BROWN. Each top is different. You see one you like – get it! No second chances here.

All versions are assembled and shipped from Canada!*

*This is NOT a massive production product. We created this baby for ourselves, but it turned out SICK, so it would be a crime not to make it available to YOU! We physically go to pick the tops from the manufacturer, spend hours in the 401 and Q.E.W traffic jams, then personally pack it and ship it to you.

Get it now, before it is too late!

* PORTABLE, so you can kick-ass at being a badass wherever you want.

* LIGHT & SMALL, so you can put it away and enjoy your FREEDOM.

* SIMPLE & ADJUSTABLE, so you can work at any level: sitting, standing, hopping on one foot. Whatever the heck makes your rebel heart sing. 😉

* MULTI-USE, because multi-tasking is EVERY entrepreneur’s number one skill: use your desk for banquets, setting up a projector, presentations, and more!


THIS is the desk for the renegade entrepreneur, the bizness rebel, the money maverick who’s hungry for a limit-free life. We know because we created this wooden baby for OURSELVES!


Hey! We’re Domi and Mike, Chief Rebels at Bizness Rebels and the ULTIMATE corporate runaways. That’s right, after 10 years working in the corporate world, we cut that 9-to-5 loose and walked toward the sunrise of our badass business.

We were itching to run things according to our own rules, which looked a little like this:

* Freedom of location: Travel and work from ANYWHERE in the world.

* Freedom of hours: Schedule our biz around the things that we enjoy.

* Freedom to daydream: Create and innovate on our own terms.

* Freedom to lead: Be our own bosses and call ALL the shots.

So we ditched that buttoned-up-collared shirt-cubicle life to BUILD the business of our dreams. We hit the road and became digital nomads, bringing our work with us everywhere we went. We built our business so we could leave the office, even if that office was in our own home. But working on the go can be crazy hard. Sometimes, you end up in places where there are no tables, desks are unavailable, or you have to take care of business out of the blue (like in the middle of a forest next to your camper and a fire, which happened to us more than once!). Sitting at a laptop for hours was killer on our backs, and we wanted an option that would be EFFICIENT for biz adventurers like us. So we got to work and built a desk that had everything WE needed. We created prototypes and started using them. Before we knew it other entrepreneurs were stopping us and asking where they could get their own. We realized we weren’t the only ones with the business nomad desk blues.

So we listened and created the {Renegade’s Desk}! We only share products with our clients that WE use ourselves, and THIS is the desk we use to run our own business from the road. THIS is how we kick ass at being bizness rebels, and we want YOU to OWN IT.


The Renegade’s Desk is every entrepreneurial nomad’s dream desk. It’s for freedom-seeking bizness rebels LIKE YOU. So what are you waiting for?

{Hit the Road!}




Yep! That was the whole point of creating it. That obviously depends on the size of your backpack, but it fits all of the 35l backpacks we tested. It might not fit in your purse, but a carry-on baggage or a backpack will be ok. Some of the laptop cases are also big enough to carry the top.

* Top: 15,7 x 11 x 0,6 – 0,9″ (which equals to 40 x 28 x 1,7 – 2,0 cm)
* Tripod Folded: 21 x 4 x 4″ (54 x 10 x 10 cm)
* Tripod extends to a maximum height of: 43,5 – 55,5″ (110 – 140 cm)

The full set (tripod and the top) is approx. 3kg / 6 lbs

Well’ not if you kick it, heavily lean on it, sit on it or let your cat jump straight onto it. But if you use it reasonably – it’s super stable. We’ve been testing it for over 12 months now and never had a single issue. We’ve tested hundreds of tripods to find the perfect one. And believe us, we’ve tested it hard – indoor, outdoor, small spaces, gardens, decks, parks, campgrounds. We trust them every day with our precious MacBooks, pads, and smartphones. In the beginning, it may feel funny to put your beloved equipment on it, but once you get used to it, and once you see the desk is super stable and does not wobble – you will love the experience!
However, just to stay safe – always close your laptop when stepping away (especially when working outdoors – the blowing wind could trip your feather-light Macbook Air!) & don’t leave your valuables unattended on the desk (especially when children or pets are around). Well you know, the common sense stuff.

We currently have 3 KICK-ASS options:
Bamboo (Limited Edition!)
Baltic Birch
Reclaimed Wood (each top is different)
Tripods are made of aluminum, plastic, and rubber.

Up to 4 kg / 8 lbs.

No, not at this time. The tripod has a case to carry it, but the top does not. However, the top can easily fit into the standard backpack or some of the laptop cases (check dimensions). We are considering designing a case that will fit the tripod and the desk. But the timeframe is not yet known.

Super easy. Just wipe it with a soft cloth.

You can use fresh solution of mild soap and water. Use a soft cloth, damp it in the solution and wipe the board and the tripod. Do not use soaking water cloth. Wipe down with a dry cloth to remove excess moisture. Never leave moisture. Always make sure you wipe it dry.

For the raw reclaim wood versions follow here are some great tips.

We ship using ground Purolator/UPS. Orders are processed & leave our warehouse in Toronto, Canada within 72 hours from the date we confirm receiving your order.

This excludes national holidays and weekends. Many orders leave the day they are placed, but this is not guaranteed. Any order placed on a weekend or national holiday will be shipped within 72h from the date the order was confirmed.

Ground shipping usually takes 4-5 days to deliver to most areas in Canada, and 5-9 days in the US.

Some remote areas in the Northwest Territories, Nunavut, and Yukon may incur an additional shipping charge.

You will receive a tracking number once your Renegade Desk is shipped.

Keep in mind, shipping times are estimated and not guaranteed – delays happen due to things like inventory shortages, shipping carrier delays, customs delays, crazy weather, and other stuff that we unfortunately have no control over. However, we’ll always do our best to get your order to you as soon as possible!

Each set = 1 wooden top + 1 tripod base. Basically, all you need to set up your office anywhere. Pretty cool, huh?

Return Policy

Well, we don’t want you to be disappointed. If you don’t love your Renegade Desk, shoot us an e-mail  to discuss and obtain our Return Authorization Number. All returns must be approved by us before returning the merchandise.
– You must have the original packaging for return shipping.
– Within the 30-day period, we will issue a full refund upon receiving the product in the original packaging and in “like new” condition. The purchaser is responsible for the initial shipping costs plus the return shipping as well duties or taxes at customs (if any). The restocking fee is 30% of the order.
– If the product is damaged due to return shipping caused by customer, the customer will pay all shipping plus a 30% restocking fee.
– For exchanges, please contact us for arrangements and quotes. We cover shipping during the 7-day period. After that, you will have to pay shipping both ways, a 30% restocking fee for the item you want to return, as well as any difference in price, if there is one.
– No returns/exchanges on products on sale


Our standard warranty is 6 months from the date of purchase. Your product is guaranteed to be free from manufacturer’s defects, and you may return any of your product that has a manufacturer’s defect within the warranty for store credit. “Defects”, as used in this warranty, are defined as imperfection in material or workmanship that will impair the use of the product.

All warranties are limited warranties and are limited to the original purchaser with proof of purchase. In some cases, wear and tear may be depreciated for the time that the product was in use. In no event shall we be liable for incidental or consequential damages resulting from the use of the product. This warranty does not cover:
(1) defects caused by improper assembly; (2) defects occurring after purchase due to product modification, intentional damage, accident, misuse, abuse or negligence; (3) normal wear and tear due to age; and (4) labor or assembly costs.

Yes, as long as the screw thread on the tripod is 3/4” (bigger one than the regular camera tripod).

We cannot guarantee that the desk will be stable when using tripod different than the one we provide.

Of course you can! It is just a piece of wood and a tripod (same as bike is just a metal frame and wheels).

Here is what you need to do:

  • Buy tools
  • Find proper wood that will be light and strong enough
  • Sand it, paint it and stain it, round the corners. Find source of reclaimed wood, cut it, glue it, prep it
  • Figure out a way to attach the wood onto the tripod
  • Find a proper tripod that will be stable & light (pssst, if you think that any tripod will do – trust us, it won’t!)

So yes, it is doable. Lot’s of fun (and time spent). Good luck and enjoy!

Ok, so we created it with a standing desk in mind. But on the way, we discovered (aka received loads of unsolicited advice) other application ideas for this baby. Some of them are quite badass, like:

  • putting your feet up on it after a long day of work
  • using few o them as the cocktail tables at the party

Some of the applications are very practical, like

  • using it as a little picknick table
  • a night table
  • a projector table
  • to put your computer when running the presentation
  • to put your computer under the camera when recording the online course.

The thing is: it’s supposed to fit your work & life. So who knows, maybe you’ll find a way to use it that will surprise us all. In that case, don’t forget to let us know!