Make a plan to conquer your dreams.

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A planner for bizness rebels who want to cut out the
overwhelming bullsh*t and GET TO WORK.

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YOU are a corporate runaway, a business owner,

A game-changer who sees the world differently.
You don’t f*ck around with no cubicle or 9-to-5.

Because life outside those rules? IT’S PRETTY BADASS. ?

But visionaries like you have one thing in common in the beginning: YOU FLY SOLO.

And going at it alone when starting your own business IS HARD.

Think about it: You go from doing one job supported by full departments in accounting, marketing, design, shipping (and more!), to being CEO and head of EVERY DEPARTMENT.

Wearing all these hats is enough to drive an entrepreneur INSANE!
And can make you feel STUCK, OVERWHELMED, or worse: TRAPPED BY YOUR BUSINESS.

SCREW THAT. You struck out on your own to live life on YOUR TERMS, not to be ruled by your biz. You want to ENJOY YOUR PASSION AND YOUR FREEDOM.

Well, guess what? You’ve come to the right place.

You’re a Rebel without a plan, and WE are the Bizness Rebels with a planner that will change EVERYTHING.

The business rebel’s one-stop shop for organizing their ENTIRE entrepreneur revolution! An A5 size, 192-page Graphite covered agenda that gets down to the nitty gritty of running a business.

Starting at just $19.99! {DAMN! I WANT IT!}

Rebels Agenda

The Rebel’s Agenda is for freethinking, empire-seeking rebels building their lives their way. So what are you waiting for?

Weekly Planner

Monthly Planner

Monthly Financials Planner

Presentations Planner

SWOT Planner (Biz Tool)

New Product Launch Planner (Biz Tool)

New Ideas Planner

Project Planner

Meeting Notes

Big Goals Planner

Biz Ideas Planner

Business Model Canvas Planner

Notes Layouts

Perfect Customer Planner

Private Activities Planner

Kamila Gornia shares some great feedback about the Rebel’s Agenda in the video below:

THIS is not Joe Schmoe’s agenda. This is a planner for an ADVENTURER, a RENEGADE, an ENTREPRENEUR

This is FOR YOU, badass mother-(shut yo’ mouth)!

With the Rebel’s Agenda you’ll:

* Get so organized you’ll make other entrepreneurs JEALOUS, and finally meet your goals, finish projects, and get your business financials on track LIKE A BOSS.

* Make project deadlines your b*tch, because your agenda lets you arrange your schedule and projects according to YOUR RULES. Dates-free pages and special layouts MAKE IT EASY.

* Plan your biz days, weeks, even months ahead of time, so you don’t have to worry about business growth because YOU’VE GOT A DAMN GOOD PLAN.

* Track meeting notes and to-do lists, so you can crawl out from under that pile of massive overwhelm, and make every step digestible and conquerable!

* Believe in yourself and run your business like a rebel, because you can use your planner however you’d like, as an idea journal, calendar, notebook, or results board!

Yep, the Rebel’s Agenda likes to break the rules just as much as you do. Because that’s how SH*T GETS DONE, amiright?

“Take each strategy week to week day by day. Jot down random thoughts & ideas. Completely open free from dates so you do not have to skip pages and waste the actual journal if you are on vacation.”


Las Vegas, NV, USA


* TRACK BIG GOALS, so you finally achieve them on time.

* LOG PROJECTS, so you’re on track to meeting your next business goal.

* MONITOR DEADLINES, so your clients are always taken care of & happy!

* PLAN YOUR SCHEDULE, so you are clear on next steps every day.

* TAKE NOTES your way whether you like lined or unlined paper!


* TRACK YOUR MONTHLY FINANCES, so you always stay out of the “red.”

* INNOVATE WITH IDEA & BRAINSTORMING GRIDS, because creative dreamers need the freedom to innovate however they choose.

* GROW YOUR PASSION with BUSINESS MODEL TEMPLATES & GUIDES that help you manage and strategize your business growth.

* STAY INSPIRED with motivational quotes, small business tips & tricks, because even the most badass biz rebel needs a pick-me-up every now and then.

AND it comes with some pretty killer SPECIAL FEATURES, if we do say so ourselves (ahem):

  • A soft-touch hard cover that opens flat so you don’t have to constantly hold it down to get the big picture when it comes to your biz.
  • A tri-color bookmark so you can quickly open up to the sections you use the most. AND a smart loop to hold your keys, ID TAG, (sanity), anything!

“I can easily schedule projects, meetings, have lot’s of notes, speaking engagements, plan long term goals and easy divide them into steps. “


Stiens, Netherlands

“The compact, yet highly efficient design makes the planner readily available. There’s no annoying app, hardware, or other technology to worry about. The quality is the best I’ve seen and far surpasses what you’ll find in your local bookstore. The planner is organized in a way that works and is a great go-to tool when you desire to quiet the noise, bells and whistles with technology.”

Jason Reiman

Tucson, AZ, USA

“The sheets inside have done wonders for my planning. The fact that it gives me space to brainstorm plans for my business as well as sketch out my day to day means that it’s the only “gotta have” notebook in my briefcase, and it’s small enough to slip into a purse when meeting clients. “

Fox @ Blogging Onward

Harrisonburg, VA, USA

“Calendar and meetings notes are very useful, and I really love the New Ideas, Dream Big and Big Goals sections. The planner helps me stay motivated and well organised and I recommend it to all Biz Rebels out there!”

Kamil Ziegler

Founder @ Appetiteforeducation

“The team at Rebels Agenda has put together a tool that not only makes it easy to do that all in one place, but also keeps your day-to-day organized as well. Much more than your average day planner, this planner includes very helpful worksheets that facilitate creative brainstorming, productivity, and motivation”

Melissa Cenker

Business owner/Speaker/Coach, Bucks County Earring Co.USA

“I have tried many organizing strategies, including online calendars, but as a busy entrepreneur, this has proven to be the most effective at keeping me on track. The space for notes and to do lists at the back are a great bonus.”

Christine McLean

Independent media professional,Fredericton NB, Canada

Nope! This is definitely not a planner for Joe Schmoe. We would know, because we created this for entrepreneur renegades like US.

What layouts are included?