O.M.G! You Can...

​​​​Start an online Business. 
sell digital products. have the lifestyle You crave.

O.M.G! You Can...

​​​​Start an online Business. 
sell digital products. have the lifestyle You crave.


 Michal and Domi are the real deal and know their stuff - it's refreshing to see people who have had genuine success in this space so freely share their knowledge with their community. Definitely voices worth listening to and learning from!


Nina Christian

Founder and Lead Marketer at @Braveda


Bizness Rebels keep you away from all the confusion and overwhelm that you get when you grow your business


Raf Bartkow

New Online Biz Owner


My mind is blown by what you can do with your business using these methods


John Homem Doe 

Financial Advisor

How we went from being corporate runaways, not knowing much about online business, to growing a successful business using simple strategies.

Norm-breakers who challenge the status quo are the source of ALL THINGS KICK-ASS.

Bill Gates. Steve Jobs. Oprah Winfrey. Mark Zuckerberg. Sophia Amoruso.
Microsoft. Apple. OWN. Facebook. Nasty Gal.

They were innovators. Freethinkers. Visionaries. Empire seekers.


You have that same vision. That natural badassery pumping in your veins, and a hunger for turning your little corner of the world into something you can be proud of, a business that speaks to your fierce creative spirit.

But you also have a LOT on your mind - ideas, goals, dreams.

You DON’T want to drown under the work, confusion and overwhelm, and you don’t want to get stuck when you have the whole damn world to conquer.

We get you.

We are Domi and Michal [Mehow], Chief Rebels at Bizness Rebels and total corporate runaways.

That’s right, we cut that 9-to-5 loose and walked toward the sunrise of our badass entrepreneurship lives. We were itching to run things according to our own rules, which looked a little like this:

Freedom of location: Travel and work from ANYWHERE in the world.
Freedom of hours: Schedule our biz around the things that we enjoy.
Freedom to daydream: Create and innovate on our own terms.
Freedom to lead: Be our own bosses and call ALL the shots.

So pulling the plug on the corporate bullsh*t was the easy part.

But then came the hard part: BUILDING a business - where to start, how to implement, how to succeed. Creating marketing strategies, building websites, landing pages, doing SEO Facebook Ads, Facebook Groups, getting clients, selling products - we were trying to manage it all (including our SANITY). We were juggling business roles like a sad clown hopping on one foot to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. (It SUUUUUCKS.)

So, we started creating strategies to help us manage our business, make money and enjoy our FREEDOM

Strategies that took us from 0 sales to tens of happy clients around the world. See this nice graph?

We came up with systems and tools that would MAKE IT ALL EASIER. This is how we kick ass at being business rebels, and now they’re yours for the taking. Because we want to help you build your own empire and unleash your dream!

Here’s what it comes down to: we give zero f*cks about playing by the rules, but also know that to have a successful business, you need to be EFFECTIVE & ORGANIZED. No time for BS!

That’s why we’re here. That’s why we share our experiences , so other entrepreneurs could use the tools of our success for their own entrepreneurial revolution.

Clearly, we’re not messing around here. We’re the Chief Rebels after all. We’re here to help you take on YOUR EntrepREvolution.

Are you ready? 

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