Lead Generation Funnel and why Facebook ads don’t work.

By Mike Koziol | Facebook

May 09

You need a funnel to be successful with Facebook Ads

Facebook ads work great… when done right

(video below)

I remember the first time we run FACEBOOK ads.

It was while back when we just launched our first physical product – a planner for biz peeps.

We turned the ads on & a few hours later the orders started flowing our way. The number of planners we sold within a week was way bigger than we expected.

Honestly, those ads were nowhere close to the stuff we do now, but they worked. ???

And more importantly, they showed us that we could TAKE CONTROL rather than hope for clients.

☑️We could turn the ads ON whenever we wanted to have sales;

☑️We could add more budget to sell more;

☑️We could turn them OFF when we run out of stock.

It was mind-blowing compared to all the unpredictable marketing strategies we tried before.

That’s when we became the self-appointed Ads Ambassadors 🙂

And our hearts break when people say: “Ads don’t work.” Because we know that they do! We found FACEBOOK Ads to be very effective for most of our clients.

Read our ?Ultimate Guide on how to leverage Facebook Ads to build and grow your business

Facebook Ads Catch

But here’s a catch: FACEBOOK Ads do not work if you’re doing them randomly, without any follow-up.  This will only end up in wasting money without seeing any sales. 

FB ads if done properly are really powerful marketing stuff, but they need to be a part of the whole LEAD GENERATION FUNNEL. And that’s the key word here: “A PART”

Ads are just the first step is to attract people to your website so that you can take them through the next steps. One of the main reasons ADS FAIL is the “NON AD WORK”. Entrepreneurs (very often unknowingly) focus on just one element, instead of building the whole path. But they need to think about the bigger picture, not just a single ad on FB.

Even assuming that people are clicking your ads like crazy (CTR at 10%), most of those people who land on your page will not make a purchase. Let’s take e-commerce (selling products through an online store) where on average 68% of visitors leave the website before they complete a sale (“shopping cart abandonment” = lost sales).

The funnel

Without the next steps like a lead generation funnel, retargeting campaign & email sequence – these are your lost sales.

With a process that happens after people click on your ads, you get a better bang for your buck. Because you no longer need to spend money on showing your ads to the biggest number of people. You leverage the traffic and make best out of it. You increase the ratio of people who buy from you by giving them the exact process to follow & nurturing them until they’re ready to buy.

Does that make sense to you? Watch the video for more details on the lead generation funnels. And make sure you read our ?Ultimate Guide on how to use Facebook Ads to build and grow your business.