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By Domi Hanc | Start a business

Aug 07

How FACEBOOK LIVE can be your secret weapon to generate website TRAFFIC

What’s the big deal about this whole live streaming on social media? Are those live videos on Facebook really good for business? And why should I even bother doing them?

If you’re like us (you know – the practical entrepreneurs), those questions might be popping up to your head every time you see another person going live on your newsfeed.

So you go and google Facebook Live Video Streaming (well, you don’t have to because we did it for you already), and it seems like there are plenty of tips on this topic. There are posts explaining how Facebook Live works, how to set things up, and what items to talk about when going live. And that’s all super cool when you are just starting out.

But hold on a minute! What entrepreneurs really want to understand is how to drive more traffic to my website and eventually sell as the result of using Facebook Live. Am I right?

And yet this part, which seems to be way more important, doesn’t get that much of the spotlight. But you’ve come to the right place. That’s where this post comes in.

Why is Facebook LIVE so good for marketing?

We get it: everybody and their uncle seem to be doing Facebook Live videos recently. But there are quite convincing reasons to jump on that bandwagon. We just named the most important ones below, in case you’re not convinced yet:

  • People spend more than 3x more time watching a Facebook Live video on average compared to a regular video
  • Facebook Live videos on average get six times as many interactions as regular videos
  • Everybody wants to do it, everybody talks about it, but actually, only 31 percent of marketers have already broadcasted live videos, so you may still be ahead of your competitors if you jump in right now
  • This is the best time to get on board since currently Facebook’s algorithms give more exposure to live videos than other types of content
  • Since Facebook favors live videos, they still offer great prices for video ads, meaning it is one of the most cost-effective and successful marketing strategies at the moment

These points are quite convincing, aren’t they?

So let’s move to how you can actually leverage those live videos.

Facebook LIVE for business (our step-by-step strategy)


1. Before you go Live on Facebook:

So here’s the thing: your content on Facebook Live is like a blog post on steroids. So you can pretty much treat it like it was a blog post. This means it’s not like going into the completely uncharted territory. It’s still content, only in the form of the live video. But the cool part is: with Facebook Live, your results will be faster & better.

But you have to know what you are doing. That’s why preparation is the key. So here are our best Facebook Live tips for what to do before you even start broadcasting.

  • Ask your audience to suggest topic ideas. Talk to your potential or current customers for questions that they need answers to, what do they want to learn about, etc. Or think about the questions that people ask you all the time. This will help you to create relevant content, meaning you’ll be talking about stuff people actually want to hear about. Just think about it: asking people to join you live is not only asking them for their time but also asking them to make time whenever it is that you are broadcasting. It’s not a small ask. People have their lives happening. So you need to make it worth it for them to join live. Valuable content is a way to go.
  • Once you have the topic, boil it down to 3-5 simple bullet-points. Of course, you don’t want to be reading it during the broadcast. Just like you would prepare when talking to people offline – doing a presentation etc. Have your talking points ready to make sure you cover everything, be yourself & don’t stress out. Also don’t get into too many details, just top-level stuff.
  • Prepare your Lead Magnet. It’s the additional resource that is closely aligned with the topic of your Facebook Live video. When streaming, you will ask your viewers to download it, so you can get their email addresses and stay in touch for longer. You will get those emails into your email marketing system (we recommend Active Campaign – one of the best email software for small business) to hit them with your email marketing strategy.  Cause you’re thinking long-term, baby! (Read our Ultimate Guide on how to connect all the dots)
  • Gather links to resources you’ll be mentioning during the Live broadcast. Such as your lead magnet, blog, website, or whatever. You want to have them handy, and post them in the comments when you will be talking about them (or right after the Live broadcast ends), and encourage your viewers to check them out.
  • Think about your “Call-to-action” (CTA). It’s a quick instruction encouraging people to take a specific action, for example:  “Click the link in the comments,” “Download my cheat-sheet,” “Go to my website and grab it now,” etc. Think about the actions you want your viewers to take and mention them during your broadcast. Don’t miss the opportunity to ask them to join your mailing list or Facebook Group.
  • Create anticipation for your Live video. The more you get people excited about your upcoming Live, the better. Because interacting with them live is what you want the most (remember the numbers we talked about earlier?). So let them know when you are planning to go Live and why they should be tuning in. The very least you can do is to schedule the broadcast 10-15 min before going Live.


2. Broadcasting Live on Facebook

So with all this, you are ready to go live. And that’s the easy part. You just go to Facebook (either on desktop or mobile), choose your Page, click the “LIVE” button, Start Live Video, and start talking.

Okay, I get it, you may still have some questions before you actually push that “Start” button, so keep reading!

Start an online business Facebook Live

  • Do I broadcast Facebook Lives from my Page or my private profile?

If you are a business, you want to do Lives from your Page, not your private profile. Why? Because this gives you way more possibilities and is also in line with Facebook’s rules. When you use your Page for broadcasting live, you get access to the insights on how did your video performed. Then you can optimize it for search and use it for all kinds of ads (we’ll cover all of this later in this post). You wouldn’t be able to do any of this amazing stuff from your private profile.

What you can do, however, is to share your video to your private profile or a Facebook group once you start broadcasting. Or use broadcasting apps that do it for you. We use Ecamm for Mac to go schedule our broadcasts and go live in our Facebook Groups

  • Do I need any specialized equipment?

It all depends on your niche, but in general what’s so appealing about the live content is that it’s raw, unpolished, and happening “right now.” It’s about connecting with people in an honest way. So it doesn’t need to be perfect. Lots of our Lives are just us talking to our phones wherever we are at the moment when we feel like going live. That’s it.

Sometimes we use airpods; sometimes we use Ecamm for Mac, pick up the professional mic and diva lightning if we record at home and the sun is not that bright. But honestly, as long as people can hear you and see you properly, you don’t have to worry about any of that fancy stuff. So just be reasonable.

  • Is there anything in particular I should say?

It’s all up to you. After all, this whole thing is very much about your personality and authenticity that people want to see while getting some value out of it.

If you need some pointers, this is a pretty good flow you can use:

  • Introduce yourself,
  • Welcome people as they are joining,
  • Tell them what you’re going to talk about,
  • Talk about the bullet-points that you prepared while interacting with your audience at the same time (try to remember to check on them from time to time, notice people joining, ask them questions, reply to comments, etc.)
  • When you’re ready, use your Call-To-Action, tell them where the links are, walk them through what is it that you want them to do,
  • Sum up shortly the main points you talked about, repeating the CTA, and answer the last questions, if there are any left,
  • Thank them for coming, say goodbye, press the “Finish” button, and you’re done.

Not too bad, eh?

But the truth is, the fun is just about to begin! So keep reading not to miss out on the really cool tactics most people forget to take advantage of.

3. Optimize Your Facebook Live Posts

So you’ve done your Live video. That’s great! But the truth is that because of the way Facebook’s algorithm works, very few people will even know about it. And that’s a bummer. Or at least it would be if you didn’t follow the next steps. So here’s what you really want to do.

After your Live video is ended, let’s jazz it up:

A. Post your video on your Page. Facebook will ask you to do this just after you click the “Finish” button on your Live video. It means that you’ll share your Live on your Page as a video for all the people who didn’t have the chance to catch it live. Go for that “Share” button, baby! (Unless you really, really, really don’t want people to see it after it’s live.) You also have the option to “Save” it in case you want to edit it or post it somewhere else. Most of the time, we share our videos on our Facebook Page without saving them at this point (you can always do it later).

Start an online business Facebook Live

B. Make edits to your post if necessary. Update the description, include a call to action, add the links you mentioned in the video, etc.

C. Reply to the comments that you either missed or the ones that appeared after your Live video was complete.

D. Optimize your video. Now, this is something you need your desktop for. Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to your Facebook Page, find the “Publishing Tools” button at the top of the Page.

Start an online business Facebook Live

  • Find “Video Library” on the left-hand side menu

Start an online business Facebook Live

  • Hover your mouse over the video you want to optimize. “Edit Video” icon will appear. Click on it to optimize your video.

Start an online business Facebook Live

  • A new window will appear where you want to do the following:
      • Add a short title (which we recommend you do, as it seems to increase the speed of the video being approved for ads) – make it compelling as it will be visible to people,
      • Edit the description if needed,
      • Add video tags (you can add up to 8 of those; they are not displayed to the public, but according to Facebook, they may help your video be more discoverable; so it’s definitely worth doing)
      • Change or upload thumbnail photos to make them compelling and get people clicking (you can choose one of the auto-generated images real quick; if uploading your own – make sure the proportion of text to image is not over 20% as too much text makes FB algorithms lower the reach of your post)
      • Optionally: Include captions as a lot of people watch videos with the sound turned off

Start an online business Facebook Live

  • Click save, and you’re done optimizing!

4. Promote Facebook Live with Ads

So here’s the truth: even if you’ve done your best with your live video, even if people love it, even though Facebook favors it, you will still not reach most of your audience. That’s the fact. Without ads, only a part of your Facebook fans will see your video organically. Luckily for all of us, video ads are still the cheapest advertising you can get – you can get people to watch your video for as low as a couple of cents! So don’t worry, just jump into your Ads Manager and get some eyeballs on your video!

We usually run really simple ads for our videos:

  • Choose “Video Views” campaign objective.
  • Run ads to both to cold audiences (meaning total strangers who never even heard about us) and to warm audiences (for example people from our mailing list or people who watched our previous videos) that we believe would benefit from watching the video.
  • Only on Facebook Feeds & Suggested Videos.
  • Optimize for 10-Second Video Views.
  • Choose the existing post with the Live video as an ad.
  • Run it for few dollars a day per audience for few days and see what happens.
  • Optimize ads based on results or just leave them running for a few more days.

5. Retarget those who were interested

So far you were focusing on getting people to watch the video. Which is a good thing to do, especially if you used a Call-to-Action and people are now reacting to it. But that’s not all you can do. Actually, doing only this is like leaving money on the table. Seriously!

Because what Facebook allows you to do next is even better. Think about it this way: people who watched your video, they must have been interested in the topic, or somehow captivated by the headline… I mean there must have been something that got them watching, right?

Wouldn’t it be great to go back to those exact people, to remind them about your Lead Magnet, or to show them more of your stuff?  

Guess what? Facebook allows you to do all that with retargeting ads.

And we’ll show you how easily this can be done.

Create a Custom Audience

Custom Audience is a group of people who have already shown an interest in your stuff. In this case, we want to create a Custom Audience of people who have watched part of your video so we can come back to them and show them our ads.

So where do you begin? It’s pretty straightforward.

  • Just go to Facebook Audiences on your desktop, choose “Create a Custom Audience. ” A new window will pop-up where you can select different options.
  • Look for “Engagement”, then “Video”, then Click on the field that says “Choose a content type”, and you’ll see a couple of options there. You can choose how much of the video people must have watched. Now, this may look slightly different for you, as Facebook is always changing and rolling out different features for different people. So you may want to click around if that’s the case, but no worries, you’ll find it somewhere there.

Start an online business Facebook Live


Start an online business Facebook Live


Start an online business Facebook Live

  • Obviously, the more they’ve watched, the more interested they were in the subject. However, when you’re just starting out, you won’t have that many viewers. So we recommend starting with audiences of “People who have watched 25% or 50% of your video”, and then move up to 75%, and 95%.

Start an online business Facebook Live

Here’s the hint: when you broadcast shorter videos, you’ll likely have a higher percentage of completions. So you may want to try starting with short, condenser, and super valuable videos to populate your audience.

  • Below the content type, you can click “Choose videos” to select the Live broadcast you recorded earlier. This indicates that you want to create the audience who viewed that specific video. With time, you may go back and add your next videos, so your audience will include people who watched the certain percentage of either of them. Or you can create separate audiences for every video if you want to follow up with different follow-ups (different lead magnets, different offers, different funnel).

Start an online business Facebook Live

  • The last thing is to name your audience, click create, and wait for Facebook to populate it. Usually, your audience to be ready for use in less than an hour.

Create Retargeting Ads

Once your audience is ready, you can go to the Ads Manager and create your retargeting ads.

And this is huge! It’s the secret weapon of marketing.

With retargeting ads, you can still win the viewers over and increases your chances to get conversions. And guess what? They work like magic! They get clicked on more, they raise awareness of your business, and they increase your chances to get sales. So don’t miss out on them!

How do you do them?

Pretty much, you can run whatever ads you want, depending on your goal. In this post we are focusing on getting more visitors to your website, so definitely you can remind people who watched X% of your video to go and download your lead magnet if they yet didn’t have the chance.

But you can also ask this audience to join your mailing list, or even you can present them your product.

The main difference between retargeting and regular ads is that at the ad set level you can choose your new Custom Audience from the list under the Audience section.


Start an online business Facebook Live


6. Get even more eyes on your ads

So far you learned how to retarget people who saw your videos, but that’s not everything you can do. What if I told you that you could find more people just like those who watched your video? Yes, it’s possible when you create Lookalike Audience based on those who watched your video.

Thanks to that your ads will be more effective as your targeting will be more specific. In simple words, it will be more likely that people who are seeing your ads are interested in what you are showing to them. Pretty damn smart, right?

Create a Lookalike Audience

There’s nothing better than a good Lookalike Audience! It’s like meeting new referrals who are just like your “bestest” clients that you love to hang out with. I mean for your ads, that is.

Lookalike Audience is pretty much new people who are similar to your Custom Audience or to the people who like your Page. In this case, you can create a lookalike audience based on your existing Custom Audience (“People who have watched X% of your video”) that you created in the previous step.

It’s super simple. Just go to Facebook Audiences on your desktop, choose “Create a Lookalike Audience. ” Choose the Custom Audience as a Source, choose the location you want your audience to be from, leave the audience size at 1%, click “Create Audience”. Wait until it’s populated & use it for your ads. That’s how simple it is.

Start an online business Facebook Live


Start an online business Facebook Live


Start an online business Facebook Live


7. Recycle the content

Okay, so now you know a lot of things that you can do with your Live video on Facebook. But that’s not the only way you can drive traffic to your Page.

Let’s be honest, you created the content, now you want to squeeze the most out of this. And another super easy, but also very effective way to do it is to post the video on your blog and benefit from everyone’s beloved free organic traffic (yes, that’s the one that you don’t have to pay for!). Read out guide to learn how to leverage that free traffic to your site.

What are your options?

  • The lazy option. Just embed your Facebook Live video on your website with a short description. I know this doesn’t sound like much. And more often than not this won’t rank you high. But one of our lazy posts actually got ranked 3rd in Google searches, so don’t cross out this option completely!
  • Do the above, plus summarize the main points of the video and paste the transcript below the embedded video. Use Temi or Rev to create transcripts
  • Embed your Facebook Live video on your website and turn the transcript of the video into an evergreen, super valuable blog post

Oh, one more tip: If your site is on WordPress, you can make it SEO friendly and improve google ranking , merely by installing Yoast SEO plugin. Make it easy on yourself. The basic version is free, and it gives you a list of things that you can do to optimize your Page and boost your ranking in the search results. They also give you tips on how to improve website ranking and how to rank on google (important to follow as Google algorithm changes all the time). Who wouldn’t want that, right?

8. Insights for Individual Videos to see which topics are performing best

This is the last step. And you really don’t want to miss it. You know, you didn’t get this far only to get this far, right? And most people won’t put in the time. But it’s absolutely worth it. So don’t skip it!

After your video is published and it got some views, you can go back and learn how it performed. Based on that intel you can improve. Get more views, get more subscribers, pay less for ads, and all this good stuff!

So here we go! There are three places that you want to check out:

  • Ads Manager – if you were running your ads, this is the most obvious place to look for insights. You can look at video views, price that you paid for a view, percentage of the video that was watched, etc. Tons of useful data that you can draw conclusions from. Compare it to other audiences, videos, etc. We highly recommend you to do it, as you want to make your ads the cheapest possible and this is where you learn how to optimize them. Please do it and don’t waste your marketing dollars. You can put them to much better use. So it’s a no-brainer.
  • Facebook Page Insights – you can find them in the menu at the top of your Facebook Page. It’s both on mobile and desktop, but for proper insights, you want to check the desktop version as it has way more options to dive into.

Start an online business Facebook Live

Once you get to “Insights”, look for “Videos” on the left-side menu. This shows you information on how all of your videos performed, as well as the top videos. You can play with different time periods to find what you need.

Start an online business Facebook Live

What we like to do, after we publish a number of videos, is to go there and take a look at the last few months (or whenever your videos were posted). Then scroll down to top videos and take a look at Video Views and Minutes Viewed ranking. Is there any topic that is ranking high, is there any particular video doing better than others?

This should give you some hints about what your audience likes so that you can do more stuff that’s similar.

The downside of Facebook Page Insights is that they include all videos, and from this view, you cannot really tell which of them got extra views from ads. So if your newest video is not among the top performers, you don’t see the specific results.

That’s why you want to read the next bullet point.

  • Video Library in Facebook Page Publishing Tools – we’ve been there before, remember? This is where you were optimizing your video at the very beginning, just after it was published to your Page (it’s on your FB Page, Publishing Tools in the top menu, them Video Library on the left).

This is not only the place where you can not only edit every single video but also where you can see all the details of this video. Just click on the video you want to know more about and the new window will pop up.

Start an online business Facebook Live

Now, you get access to all the data about this particular video. Like:

    • Were the views organic (from your Page and shares) or paid (from ads),
    • How many people watched it with the Sound On (a.k.a. do you need to be adding subtitles to your next videos for better performance),
    • How many views come from shares (did you get a boost because someone shared your video),
    • How long people watched it,
    • When were they quitting to watch (is there any sudden drop, did something happened to cause it),
    • What’s your top audience (gender, age group)
    • What’s your top location.

Quick and easy. And all those insights can help you to

    • Improve the performance of your future videos – stop guessing and start acting on what your numbers are telling you
    • Optimize your ads so you focus on the right audience with the right message, which will decrease the cost of your future ads
    • Tell you which are your best videos, so you may:
      • Post them again on your Page (if people liked them, why not share it again? You don’t have to upload your videos every time you want to do it. You can use the same videos in the new posts directly from the Video Details view),

Start an online business Facebook Live

    • Crosspost your videos (allow other Pages to use your video in their posts; this is useful if you want to post the video, not share the video, on multiple Pages and cumulate all the views – i.e., you have more than one Facebook Page, or you want some big Page to post your video.)
    • Use them for your ads, since Facebook algorithms favor stuff that is naturally liked or watched already.


This is our 8 step strategy to leverage Facebook Live videos for the best business results. And it is one of our top marketing strategies that we use these days and one of the most important online marketing tips we could give. But…if you want to dive deeper and learn more about internet marketing strategies…

Check out our guide on How To Start and Grow an Online Business and get the behind-the-scenes views of how we squeeze the most out of Facebook Live videos!
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