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Let’s get you More Clients and Grow your biz.

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Facebook Marketing

We help professional-services businesses get more leads and clients by leveraging Facebook Advertising. Your clients are on Facebook. Period.

Sales Funnels

There are two things you need to take care of in business: (1) bring in leads and (2) turn leads into customers. Our funnels accomplish both.

Marketing Automation

Your goal isn’t to hustle and chase every single lead. You need to have an automated process that captures new high-quality leads.


So you are an entrepreneur, hustler, you help your clients and you are DAMN good at it. You love what you do, only BOOKING the CLIENTS was NEVER part of your dream job.

Think about it: all this MARKETING stuff that needs to be done. You wanted to be an expert in what you do, and you didn’t sign up for being up to date with all those social media trends.

Well, guess what? You’ve come to the right place.

You’re a professional who needs clients to grow your biz, and we will get you the leads to do it.

Ok. Let’s talk real life examples. Let’s talk 500%+ ROIs!

Are you providing services? Legal, chiropractor, dentist… you name it – we will get you those clients. $5 back on every $1 spent on marketing – sounds great? Been there, done that.

Are you a realtor? Not a problem! How about 5-10 new leads per week? Pssst… we got our last client leads for as low as $5/lead. Yes, you got this right. We did a FB campaign for her and got her 6 high quality leads in just 4 days.

Are you a coach? Sure thing, we will get your funnel in place in no time and will get you booked!

Are you doing an online course? We have been there! We will help you set it all up and get raving fans = paying clients!

No matter if you are just starting out or want to grow your biz – we will do what needs to be done:

> Work out the strategy for marketing your biz, so you don’t have to worry about business growth because YOU’VE GOT A DAMN GOOD PLAN.
> Get you a professional-looking & effective sales funnel that will make clients go CRAY-CRAY about it.
>  Implement marketing automation, and finally get your MARKETING SH*T under control.
> And we will use the power of FB ads to build awareness of your services, so you can book as MANY CLIENTS as you would like.

Oh, and in case we didn’t mention: No suits. No ties. No BS.


“I made $12,000 base off of just $350 of Facebook ad spend”

Raymond, Photographer, Indianapolis

“I got 6 high quality buyer leads worth $60,000 in 4 days”

Liz, Realtor, Toronto

“I had to pause the ads because the client could not keep up with the orders”

Mandy, Social Media Consultant, NYC

Mike from Bizness Rebels is such a great asset to our company! He has proven time after time to have extensive knowledge with integrating our campaign services such as ActiveCampaign, ClickFunnels, the Facebook pixel and email sequences. Mike is our go-to expert and we could not be more pleased with his services! ~ Kathi McManus


Are you ready? Come on, let us help you hook those clients and unleash your dream!

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How do we know the system works?

Because we use it ourselves to kick ass at being business rebels. And believe us, we tried it all.

We did blog, content marketing, email marketing, email automation, google ads, facebook ads, sales funnels…

We did one-on-one services, online courses, ebooks…

We got our first paying client two days after our website was launched.

We tested all there is to be tested and kept increasing our revenues month after month after month… You name it, we were doing it all.

…it was a great journey, but it all came at a cost – a great deal of working our assess off, 60-, heck, 80-hours work weeks, losing a lot of time and money, banging our heads against the wall, testing and getting things right.

We did all that, so you don’t have to.

We have the experience, expertise, skills and knowledge to get you up to speed, like yesterday…

And now it’s yours for the taking (okay, buying, but it’s TOTALLY WORTH IT).

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Do not waste your time figuring everything out. Dude, you’re way too cool for that sh*t.

YOU need services that’ll help you get out from under the overwhelm. Services that’ll help Rebelpreneurs like you GROW your badass businesses.

Support that’ll let you reach Level 100: Kick-Ass Boss. And, of course, a whole lot of CHA-CHING! to go with it all.

Guess what? We got you.

We hustled so you don’t have to!


We won’t answer your office phone for you. But you can relax while we get it to ring.

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